Following the Rio Summit in 1992 many countries in the world signed up to attempt to audit the biodiversity of their lands and to set targets for improving and sustaining the variety of life upon the Earth. Britain's government responded with a document called the "Biodiversity Challenge" and from this has come a degree of legislation which brings biodiversity into areas in which it has not, necessarily, played as large a part in the past. One of these is the planning process for developing land by building and/or the construction of roads - most of these now require an audit of the plants and animals on the site to be undertaken and an evaluation of the development impact to be derived before planning permission will be given. 

If you need a biodiversity audit, particularly one in which invertebrates play a large part, then Consult-Eco will be enthusiastic to assist and to provide details of the species to be found on your site. We have the knowledge to be able to find the invertebrates, and just as importantly, the expertise to be able to identify the animals found. Our main expertise is in the invertebrate area but we also have a good knowledge of, and experience of surveying for, plants, mammals, birds, and Phase-1 habitats. 

If you have a need for an invertebrate survey, or for a part survey as a unit in a Phase-1 habitat survey, and/or if you have a need to have invertebrates identified then please do contact us on: 

Consult-Eco, 4 Priory Close, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2BN Tel: 01928-573697
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