Cheshire Conservation Forum:  

The Cheshire Conservation Forum group was established in 1986 as a forum for informal liaison between professional and voluntary bodies, and individuals, with an interest in, and commitment to, nature conservation within Cheshire. It was felt that the exchange of Ecological Information, and co-ordination between organisations concerned with specific conservation issues, could be greatly helped by such a group. This inter-working and information passing continued and gradually  expanded. During 1991 a review of the group took place discussing the strengths and weaknesses at that time and how it could be improved, papers were introduced and a Draft 'Terms of Reference' was produced. This draft stated that the forum should aim:- 

  1. To act as a forum for liaison between nature conservation agencies and individuals. 
  2. To provide advice to Cheshire County Council on nature conservation issues. 
  3. To identify specific nature conservation projects which are consistent with County and National nature conservation priorities, and to assist in the identification of methods of implementing these projects. 

The group continues to thrive, with a rotating Chair (as at 2002), along similar lines, however with the added importance of Agenda 21, both Nationally and locally, many issues including BAPS are discussed. Cheshire Wildlife Trust supports the group and after the RSPB gave up financial support, sponsorship was been gained, for a while, from Shell UK Ltd. to cover the clerical expenses and postage for the group. Local Authorities are represented from many differing areas. The County is now undergoing considerable change as evidenced by the formation of two Unitary Authorities. These urban communities are represented by the conservation officers from Halton and from Warrington, as well as from the County Council. Daytime and evening meetings take place in rotation to ensure that they are available to the maximum contributing participants, naturalists, other organisations and groups (e.g. RSPB, LCES, CAWOS, etc.) and Local Authorities alike.

For details of meeting dates please contact the Cheshire Wildlife Trust on: 01270 610180 or by e-mail at:

Both Halton and Warrington have formed their own conservation groups under Agenda-21, but remain as active members of the Cheshire Forum. This is to ensure long-term continuity and to provide a wider viewpoint than merely the remaining, and much reduced, Cheshire county area.

Warrington has introduced its 'Warrington Nature Conservation Forum', details of which can be found at WNCF, and Halton, via its Nature Conservation Officer, Paul Oldfield, has a 'Natural and Built Environment Roundtable' alongside its own web-site - Nature In Halton. Other web-sites of interest include: rECOrd, Cheshire Biodiversity, LCES and CAWOS.

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