Cheshire's Moth Trappers & Observers

The following are lists of past and current moth-recorders / observers within the Cheshire region. They indicate those people for whom there are currently (as at 30/01/2001) moth records on the Recorder database. Please note that many historic records passed across from the previous County Recorder (Ian Rutherford) still await computerisation and hence do not show up in these lists. Should your name be missing please do make contact and an effort will be made to input your moth records and to add you to the list. Many thanks.

Ainley, Dr R.G.
Antrobus, Mr C.
Atkinson, R.
Bailey, Mr M.P.
Ball, Mr J.
Banks, Mr R.
Barlow, Mrs M.
Beckett, A.
Bemand, Mr A.
Bentley, Mr D.P.
Bertera, Mr R.G.
Binsted, N.
Blackman, Miss E.
Bland, Dr K.P.
Blears, A.R.
Boardman, Mr P.
Bradford, Mr E.S.
Brewster, Mr P.
Broad, Mr G.
Broome, Mr A.M.
Bryers, Mr P.
Bull, Mr B.
Capewell, Mr R.
Carroll, D.M.
Christmas, Dr S.E.
Clarke, Mr J.J.
Clifton, Mr J.
Cockbain, Mr R.P.
Cook, Mr L.M.
Coupe, Mr J.W.
Creaser, F.R.E.S., Mr A.
Creaser, Mr K.
Dagnall, Mr J.
Darbyshire, Mr C.A.
Darwin, K.
Davidson, J.
Davidson, R.
Davis, A.M.
Dean, Mr K.
Dempsey, Mrs M.J.
Diamond, M.
Drage, Ms J.
Duff, Mr S.C.
Edmondson, Mr T.
Elliott, Dr P.
Emmet, M.B.E., M.A.,
Farrell, Mr S.
Felton, Mr C.
Florer, Mr E.
Gabb, Mr R.G.
Gemmell, Dr R.P.
Goodger, Mrs B.A.
Goodman, Mr R.
Gradwell, Mr A.W.
Grice, Mr M.H.
Hancell, Mrs C.J.
Hardwick, Mr L.W.
Hardy, D.B.
Harmer, Mr A.
Harmer, Mr S.
Headon, J.
Hill, Mr P.M.
Hillyer, Mr P.F.
Hind, Mr S.H.
Hines, B.
Holmes, B.
Holmes, Mr R.
Holmes, Mr S.W.
Holness, Mr J.H.
Hull, B.Sc., Ph.D., Dr M.

Jinks, Mr S.A.
Johnson, Mr W.L.
Jones, Mr G.
Jones, Mr J.C.
Kearns, Mr E.
Kearsley, A.
Kimber, Mr A.
Landucci, Mr I.E.
Langmaid, Dr J.R.
Letsche, Mr R.
Linney, Ms E.
Lloyd, Mr J.A.
Lumb, Mr D.
McCabe, Mr K.
McWilliam, Mr S.J.
Middlehurst, Mr F.A.
Mitchell, Ms N.
Moseley, C.
Naylor, Mr & Mrs
Neal, Mr G.
Newstead, Mr M.
Norman, Mr D.
North, Miss M.
O'Boyle, Ms J.M.
Oldham, G.H.
Otter, Mr D.
Palmer, Mr S.
Palmer, P.J.
Parker, Mr A.R.
Parry, Mr C.P.
Partington, A.
Passant, M.L.
Paxton, Mr T.
Pelham-Clinton, Mr E
Penny, Mr L.
Plant, Mr C.W.
Platt, Mr D.
Poole, Mr B.
Porter, Ms B.
Poynton, Dr D.J.
Price, S.
Pugh, Mr P.
Raines, Mr J.
Rees, Mr P.
Rowley, Mr P.G.
Rudge, Mr E.
Rutherford, M.A. (Cantab) Mr C.I.
Samuels, Mr E.
Savage, Dr A.A.
Seddon, E.A.
Seddon, J.
Shaw, Dr M.R.
Shaw, Mr B.T.
Sheppard, Dr D.A.
Sherrett, Miss C.
Smith, Mr I.F.
Spencer, Mr D.
Stevenson, P.J.
Stoddard, M.
Talbot, Mr A.
Tatman, Ms S.
Taylor, Mr S.
Thompson, I.
Thomson, Mr J.
Tollit, Mr B.
Wallace, Ph.D., F.R Mr I.D, & Mrs B.
Wander, Mr A.

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