The Deaths-head Hawk-moth - Acherontia atroposMuch work is currently (as at the end of February 2001) being undertaken to bring the records of Cheshire's macro-moths into order following the passing of County Recordership from C. Ian Rutherford to myself, Steve J. McWilliam in early 1998. Part of this work is defining complete six-figure Ordnance-Grid References for all records, past, present and, hopefully, future in order that the data may be plotted on distribution maps to aid future analysis. Until that time, it is requested that anyone wishing a copy of the macro-moth list, in its current state, should either contact:  The Cheshire Ecological Record Centre (rECOrd) - the Cheshire Local Record Centre for biological records of all types and formats (currently temporarily hosted by Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) - at Grebe House, Reaseheath, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6DG   - Tel: 01270-610180,   Fax: 01270-610430,  E-Mail:  - see also - This Local Record Centre is soon to be housed in new offices at Chester Zoo (end of March 2001)
or - download the file - (Cheshire County Moth Checklist - 25 pages in Word-97 format)

or as an Acrobat file - (Cheshire County Lepidoptera Checklist).

Current Cheshire County Recorders for Moths are: 
Macro-Moths: Micro-Moths:
Steve J. McWilliam 
4 Priory Close, Halton, Runcorn, 
Cheshire, WA7 2BN 
Tel: 01928-573697 
Steve Hind 
32 Carleton Road, Higher Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire, SK12 1TL 
Tel: 01625-859504

County recorders for other animal and plant groups can be found here: County Recorders

Macro-Moth Reports: 
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 2000 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1999
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1998 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1997
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1996 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1995
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1994 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1993
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1992 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1991
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1990 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1989
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1988 Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1987
Cheshire Macro-Moth Report - 1986 Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1985
Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1984 Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1983
Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1982 Moths In Cheshire Report - 1982
Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1981  
Cheshire Macro-moth Report - 1980 Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1980
Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1979 Moths In Cheshire In Report - 1979
Insect Mapping In Cheshire - 1978 Cheshire Macro-moth Report - 1978
Insect Mapping In Cheshire Report - 1977  
Moths & Insects In Cheshire Report - 1976 Moths In Cheshire Report - 1976 - Part 2
Other Reports:   
Be Old Fashioned - Don't Rely On MV Recording Moths With Specialised Habitats
Moths Associated With Heather Moths Associated With Reed-beds
Moths Requiring Unusual Plants Putting Sex Into Square-Bashing
One Thing Leads To Another  

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