The following links to other entomological websites have been chosen for their relevance to entomologists (amateur and professional) as well as for their aesthetic, scientific and interest values. Enjoy them and hopefully learn something!
 British Dragonfly Society  UK Moths Site
 Insect Line  World Wide Butterflies
 Cheshire Dragonflies  Diptera
 Insects  Neuroptera (Lacewings)
 Watkins and Doncaster  Symphyta (Sawflies)
 Butterfly Website  BENHS
 Recorder-2000  Millennium Butterflies
 National Biodiversity Network (NBN)  LCES
 Dragonfly Website  BENHS Records Archive
 Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES)  Worldwide Butterflies
 rECOrd - LRC for Cheshire  

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