My musical interests really began in 1968 when I began to 'go-out' with Marise Clewes who lived in Runcorn. I had met Marise whilst working at the Pathology Laboratory in Whiston Hospital, Liverpool and she played guitar (strummed) and sang at church and at house-meetings, as she was a strong member of the local Evangelical Church on Boston Avenue, Runcorn, Cheshire. During this period she took a couple of photographs of me holding her guitar, with my left-hand fingers in a 'C' chord. I was amazed that anyone could do this for enjoyment as I felt it was extremely awkward and even very painful - little did I know  !!! 

A few years later, when Marise and I had finished going out together, and I had moved into an end-terrace in Main Street, Halton, with Julia Hancell, I decided I would like to play some form of instrument and had whittled the list down to drums or guitar. The guitar won on the grounds that it was a quieter instrument, I didn't know anyone else to form a band with, and I fancied melodies more than just rhythms (I felt, wrongly, that the drums could not be a solo instrument). 

My first purchase was a form of classical guitar made by Gianninni with a very sloping top bout - all the way from the widest part of the back bout in a continuous slope down to the neck joint at the twelfth fret - it is called a Craviola 

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