Consult-Eco provides expert education services, both for young people and for adults,
in the areas of life-sciences, wildlife, conservation, and,
especially on invertebrates (creepy-crawlies !).
   Rainbow for Life

We can provide the following educational services and experiences: 

Children and Young Adults: A Beetle on the Page 

  • Experiential and educative sessions for primary and secondary children - including hands-on work
  • Practical outdoor collection and grouping of invertebrates for children
  • Large foreign invertebrates to be seen and handled (in some cases) by the children
  • Advice on cross-curricular uses of invertebrates and life-science experiences
  • Investigation of school-grounds to indicate wildlife potential
  • Surveying of school grounds to record the wildlife already present
  • Advice on setting up wildlife gardens, play areas and ponds
  • Work sheet publications for children - Key Stages 1 through 4
  • Tie the requirements of National Curriculum science with the Literacy Hour
  • Each school with whom we work will receive a full, tailored work-sheet pack to support further development of the subject and to engender cross-curricular activities
Adults: A Smiley Face 
  • Any of the above where it is felt applicable
  • Talks and slide-shows for schools, groups, societies, Women's Institutes and associations
  • Guided walks with an invertebrate and/or natural history slant
  • Training in Invertebrate Capture Techniques and Identification methods
  • Training for Wardens and Rangers in invertebrates and managing for invertebrates
  • Moth trapping sessions; either private or for the public
  • Demonstrations of entomological techniques (e.g. specimen setting)
  • Setting of specimens for study, research, photographic and artistic requirements
  • Local shows and events can be attended with a display and specimens if required

A Rainbow For Ecology and For All

If you should wish to have Consult-Eco, in the guise of Steve McWilliam, come to your school, your group, or your society, to provide any of the above functions or to discuss tailored services just for you and your organisation then please do contact us at: 

        Steve J. McWilliam, Consult-Eco, 4 Priory Close, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2BN
Tel: 01928-573697    -    E-Mail: 

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A Rainbow for Ecology and Life
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